We work with words and run workshops.

Newsflash! For autumn 2012, we’ve three writing workshops for business writers: write your own website, write your press releases, and writing to customers. Click the link just up there ^ to have a look. Book all three for the price of two and we’ll throw in our two latest books. (Book two, and you might as well come along to the third one for the fun of it.)

Since 1994 we’ve been working with businesses, charities and individuals to help them describe what they do. From drop-in days on how to write your own website, to entire books; if you’d like your words putting in the right order, you’ve come to the right place.

Recently, we’ve ventured into the US, which was excellent: a couple of workshops, a visit to a Kansas archive and a talk in Los Angeles. Right up our street.

Before we start writing, we work with people to help them decide what they need to say, who they would like to talk to and how they’d like to sound.

We also run workshops for people who’d like to write their own words but need a boost to help them along the way, and creative days for people who need a bunch of new ideas.

New (ish) book out: 100 Great Branding Ideas

Last year’s book: Online Marketing in 7 Days for people who can’t avoid it any longer

If you’re interested in words or workshops, have a wander around and please do get in touch.