Write your own website

One day workshop with Sarah McCartney

£150 including VAT

Author of “Online Marketing in 7 Days – for everyone who can’t avoid it any longer”

Is successful web writing different from other styles? What’s important is that it’s successful.

When we’re writing for the internet, we’ve got search engines to think about, and this workshop includes how to make your way up the Google rankings, free.

But mostly it’s all about good, interesting writing and tight editing – cutting all the things your readers really don’t need to know. (We’ve all been to websites¬† that just bang on about their brilliance instead of giving us what we want.)

Who it’s for and what we’ll do

Our one day workshop is for people who want to write or update a site of their own, or who are responsible for commissioning someone to do to for them.

  • What you want your website to say about you
  • What you want your website to do for your customers
  • What you really need on your home page
  • How to keep it interesting
  • The three key points for SEO

The day is friendly, encouraging, interactive and quite hard work.

You’ll be given tasks to help you think and write clearly, and you’ll cover a lot of ground. There’s time at the end for you to stay and finish what you’re working on after the 4pm official stop.

It’s down to you how much you write, but you’ll go home with a clear plan for what you need to say, a picture of who’s going to be reading your words and a sound SEO strategy.