Writing to customers

One Day Writing Workshop

With Sarah McCartney, in Bloomsbury, London WC1.

Writing emails, blogs, social media and even good old letters

£150 including VAT

Putting pen to paper – or hands to keyboard – is something we all have to do these days. We send emails all the time. How come they are misunderstood, ignored or blocked by people who really need to read what’s in them?

Save time, bother and stamps getting it right first time

There’s an open secret to getting your message over successfully. Instead of writing everything you want to tell them, put yourself in your readers’ shoes and imagine what they really need to know.  It’s not difficult, so why do so many companies forget to do it?

Lots of reasons:

  • We always write this way.
  • We need to cover all possible options.
  • I also want to impress my boss.

and our personal favourite:

  • I’ve got to fill up the page.

During the day we look at:

  1. how to get people’s interest and how to keep it
  2. setting your aims and making sure you achieve them
  3. picturing your reader and what they need from you
  4. ruthless editing
  5. banishing industry jargon and your organisation’s own internal dialect

Spend a day in the heart of literary Bloomsbury, learning practical techniques to make your writing fluent and confident – and a whole lot more interesting for your readers.

If you’d like to know more before you book, give us a call on 07850 671512 or email onlyconnect@littlemax.co.uk.